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Cerebrovascular diseases constitute in many parts of the globe a leading cause of mortality in the general population, and a leading cause of neurological disability in the adult and elderly population. Current treatments indicated by the therapeutic guidelines are aimed mainly at countries with developed medical infrastructure, but unfortunately, most cases are diagnosed in countries where this infrastructure is far from ideal.

The symposium we organize aims at presenting and bringing together both the advanced therapeutic methods and the conjunctural ones employed in less-favoured areas in terms of technical and medical endowment.

Common or divergent points of view originating from the many specialities involved in treating these complex cases are welcome. All emergency specialists and intensivists, neurosurgeons and neurologists, neurorehabilitation specialists and neuroradiologists are invited to be part of the dialogue and exchange ideas in the hope of reaching a consensus on the multiple problems of stroke management.

Hoping to organize an all-embracing international forum both geographically and across-speciality connected, the Cluj Medical School welcomes you to Cluj-Napoca. Bearing a tradition of over 250 years, our medical school opens its doors to address colleagues from around the world with a warm invitation to discuss and possibly offer treatment solutions adapted to local conditions, but especially according to the expectations of our patients.

Prof. Ioan Ștefan Florian MD, PhD
Symposium President

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