Neuroanatomy Training by Augmented/Virtual Reality: Case Discussions

Registration for the course will open soon!

Oğuz Baran, MD

Göktuğ Akyoldaş, MD.

Ihsan Solaroglu, MD.

At the virtual reality-based neuroanatomy session, we will provide the participants a different experience than the previous courses. The contribution of hands-on cadaver courses to the improving of surgical neuroanatomy knowledge is an undeniable fact. In addition, in the light of developing technology, virtual-dissection opportunity is offered with 3D modeling of cadavers with virtual reality and/or augmented reality. In this course, you will learn the white matter pathways of the brain on real cadavers with VR technology. In addition, with 3D reconstructions, you will observe the arterial anatomy of the brain on VR basis.
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